Cole Beasley excited to have Ryan Switzer on Cowboys


Cole Beasley had to wonder what the Cowboys were up to when they grabbed Ryan Switzer in the fourth round of this year's draft.

After all, Switzer gives Dallas a 5-foot-8, 185-pound pass-catcher perfectly suited for the slot -- a role the 5-foot-8, 180-pound Beasley was already playing.

Who could blame him for feeling annoyed by the pick, right?

"I was actually excited, more for the slot position itself than our particular situation," Beasley said, per The Dallas Morning News. "There's been so many guys like me, guys like Wes Welker who never got drafted. They weren't drafting short white guys. And part of my goal has been to push the position forward.

"It's just exciting that slot guys now are making more of an impact."

Beasley's philosophical approach is appreciated, but it's still fair to wonder what Switzer's presence will mean for the veteran.

Beasley is healthy after battling hamstring tendinitis last season, a condition that could have prompted Dallas to hunt for depth. That said, look no further than New England for a team littered with smaller, shiftier wideouts.

Both players should make an impact this season, with Cowboys play-caller Scott Linehan saying in May: "[Switzer's] role is significant. He complements Beasley and also gives us some big-time needed depth."

Sounds like there's room for more than one "short white guy" in Dallas.