Antonio Brown continues his Rolls Royce tradition


You can understand the pressure Antonio Brown puts on himself.

Every year, the Pittsburgh Steelers star arrives at training camp in a Rolls Royce. This has become his thing. Two years ago, he arrived at Saint VIncent College in a Rolls with Steelers colors and a facsimile of Brown's signature on the side. Listed value: $500,000. (Yes, it was a loaner.)

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Last July, Brown tried to take things up another notch when he showed up as the passenger in a different custom Rolls that featured a black and gold stars-and-galaxy theme across its body. His brother served as his driver.

On Thursday, Brown went for broke (perhaps literally). The All-Pro arrived in a 1930 open-top Rolls complete with a chauffeur. I'm pretty sure the driver was not his brother this time around. Brown kept a straight face as dozens of photographers and camera crews documented the scene he created.

Not really sure where you go after this. If Brown wants to get subversive about it, he can show up next summer in my 2009 Volkswagon Jetta. Antonio, you handle the shipping and I'll deliver my girl.