Dez Bryant says Dallas Cowboys are SoCal's only team

  • By Ralph Warner
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Two years ago Southern California only had one football team -- now they have two. Or three, if you ask Dez Bryant.

When asked about the Cowboys being an adopted -- or third -- team of many Southern California football fans, the veteran wideout objected and said the Cowboys are the only NFL team in SoCal.

"No, no, no, no, no. We are the only team. The only team," Bryant said to a local TV reporter. "Let's not get that twisted. There will be teams here, but we are the only team here. Look at these fans. Oh yeah."

Bryant has a point about the Cowboys presence in SoCal. The Cowboys have held seven of their last eight training camps in Southern California and last month the city of Oxnard -- which is an hour north of L.A. -- approved a two-year contract to have training camp through 2018. The deal also includes a two-year city option through 2020.

As a Southern California native, I have seen many friends and family adopt the 'Boys as their team during the two decades when Los Angeles was without a team. The takeover is very real.

They're already America's Team, one more Super Bowl title -- or even a trip to the NFC championship -- and they could become America's only team.