Panthers' Greg Olsen won't hold out, to play out deal


Greg Olsen has reported for duty.

The Panthers tight end appeared at the team facility on Tuesday and made it clear he has no plans to hold out.

Telling reporters that he "will play out" his contract, Olsen talked about putting the team first following a chaotic week that saw the Panthers fire general manager David Gettleman.

"At the end of the day it really came down to with everything going on, obviously now with the transition to [interim GM] Marty [Hurney], kind of the slight chaos that went around for another week I didn't think that it was right to add fuel to that fire," Olsen said, per NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon. "Make things that much more complicated, add any more distraction or controversy to our team."

Scheduled to make $6.5 million both this season and next, Olsen pondered a holdout earlier this summer amid whispers that Gettleman was "not interested" in extending the 32-year-old pass-catcher.

Olsen's fortunes could change, though, with former Panthers GM Marty Hurney back in that role on an interim basis. Hurney just doled out a big-money contract for guard Trai Turner and could be eyeing a new deal for Olsen next.

From that angle, it makes plenty of sense for Olsen to play nice with the front office in hopes he'll be handsomely rewarded before Week 1.