Looking back at when Spicer and Gronk crossed paths

Sean Spicer resigned as White House Press Secretary on Friday. So long, bub.

Before Spicey writes his tell-all and embarks on a long career of yelling at people for money on cable news, let's look back at the time he crossed paths with the NFL.

It happened during the Patriots' visit to the White House in April. Spicer -- a diehard Boston sports fan -- was in the midst of his daily press briefing when Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski popped out from behind a curtain.

GRONK: Sean, need some help?
SPICER: I think I got this, but thank you.
GRONK: You sure?
SPICER: Maybe.
GRONK: (inaudible grumbling)
SPICER: Alright, thanks man. I'll see you in a minute.

Following the brief encounter, Spicer was beaming at such a level that he had to momentarily stop the briefing to collect his thoughts.

"Alright, that was cool," Spicer cooed.

I remember wondering at the time if Gronkowski had any idea who Spicer was, or how controversial a figure Donald Trump's public mouthpiece had become to the majority of the American public. Now I wonder if Gronk even remembers this happened at all.