Matt Ryan is very impressed by new Falcons stadium


The Atlanta Falcons might have suffered the worst collapse in Super Bowl history, but there remains much to be excited about as a new season approaches.

Like, for instance, the $1.2 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, set to open its doors next month. Team owner Arthur Blank and the Falcons seem to have pulled off a neat trick here, constructing a facility that actually looks as impressive as the blueprints and artistic renderings that teased its arrival. This week, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got a tour of the new stadium. The star was taken aback by the 360-degree video board that seems better suited for a U2 concert tour.

Here's Ryan's first unofficial pass at his new field, if you're into historic stuff.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is huge. It's a full 400,000 square feet larger than the Georgia Dome, which was the Falcons' home from 1992 through 2016. The hot dogs and beer also are cheap, which is nice. More stadiums should have cheap hot dogs and beer.