Giants' Landon Collins: Cowboys won't win NFC East


A pair of Giants players just can't agree about the fate of this year's Dallas Cowboys.

After 'Boys quarterback Dak Prescott promised last week that Dallas would repeat as NFC East champions, Giants kick returner Dwayne Harris on Friday didn't dismiss the notion.

"On paper, they probably look better than us right now," Harris told Good Morning Football. "But we always match up good with them, so we'll see."

While Harris took pains to avoid generating bulletin-board materialC for the Dallas locker room, his teammate -- hours later -- did not.

Safety Landon Collins on Friday made it clear he won't bow down to anyone else in the East.

Asked about Prescott's promise, Collins told ESPN: "I highly doubt that. ... It's over with. ... They're not going to win, I can tell you that much."

Ultimately, a nice good-cop-bad-cop routine by the Giants duo -- but one that settles nothing.

That comes with the first Sunday night tilt of the regular season, when Dallas will host the G-Men for all the world to see. We'll gladly take that over another round of July snack talk.