Russell Wilson channels 'Rocky' with Great Wall visit


One of the most famous scenes in Rocky comes during the unkillable franchise's 1979 sequel, when Sly Stallone's titular protagonist jogs through Philadelphia, a growing trail of children following in his wake until the underdog boxer and what seems like the entire juvenile population of the city are celebrating atop the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

C'mon ... let's watch it together. It's fun.

Anyway, we imagine this is what Russell Wilson and his handlers had in mind when they cooked up the promotional stunt tied to the Seahawks quarterback's recent visit to the Great Wall of China. In a video released Wednesday, Wilson jogs along the iconic structure as a group of Chinese youths carrying footballs and wearing matching No. 3 Wilson shirts follow behind.

We know from commercials and social media that Russell Wilson is a major grinder, and it's certainly possible he decided to jog the entire length of the wall. Of course, the wall spans approximately 13,000 miles end to end, the equivalent of running from CenturyLink Field to Times Square ... and back ... twice.

Thoughts and prayers with the families of the children.