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Bryce Harper praises Dak, Cowboys in All-Star Game


Sorry Washington Redskins fans, but now two of D.C.'s top athletes have made it abundantly clear they prefer the Cowboys over the hometown 'Skins.

During Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game, Bryce Harper joined Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (who showed up to FedEx Field in a Cowboys jersey this year) in taking his Dallas allegiance to the public stage.

The Washington Nationals star outfielder had an in-game chat with Joe Buck, telling the Fox broadcaster he really enjoys the Cowboys and their star quarterback Dak Prescott.

"How do you think Dak's going to be this year?" Harper asked while joking that he felt like he was on the NFL Network talking with Buck during a game.

"I have not met a more impressive young player coming into the NFL in the time I have covered the NFL," Buck responded, per CBS Sports.

"He's fun to watch," Harper said. "I mean, watching him on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays, that guy -- him and [Ezekiel Elliott] -- I mean, unbelievable. It's a lot of fun."

Harper hasn't made his Cowboys fandom much of a secret, showing up to WWE'S "Monday Night Raw" in a Cowboys hat earlier this year and proclaiming his allegiance to the Star before he even broke into the big league. But showing love to the Cowboys in right field during a game like that officially seals the deal.

While most Redskins fans will loathe the fact that their favorite baseball team's star isn't their biggest fan, Prescott at least enjoyed the support.


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