Panthers' social media team gets 'Fresh' in tweets

  • By Ralph Warner
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NFL players have a bit of downtime now before training camps start up in a few weeks and are finding creative ways to fill the summer lull. Teams' social media staffs are getting in on the fun, too.

The Carolina Panthers' social media squad tapped into some nostalgia-inspired creativity this week:

Hmm... OK.






Stop right there. Anyone who grew up in the '90s knows exactly where this is going.

Here are the first words for the next nine tweets: About, How, My, Life, Got, Flipped, Turned, Upside, Down. Yup, these are the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

This reminds me of those stories of people who make an entire stadium out of bottle caps or a player bust from dryer lint; you don't know whether to be puzzled or amazed. The Panthers get an A for creativity and execution on this one. Keep Pounding.