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British Miami Dolphins fan wears team helmet at his wedding

  • By Tyler Horka
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As the NFL offseason crawls on, many football fans look to baseball, vacations and even weddings to keep them occupied before their favorite teams hit the gridiron.

Die-hard fans are ones who are bold enough to somehow incorporate their NFL fandom into joining in matrimony with their significant others -- who seem to be perfectly content with the idea.

Take Green Bay superfan Ryan Packer (formerly Ryan Holtan-Murphy) for example. He made Marie Packer show him two forms of identification to confirm her fateful last name before the two continued their relationship. Luckily for him, they hit it off, and he can officially call himself a Packer after deciding to take his wife's maiden name after their wedding.

Packer celebrated by donning a Packers suit jacket at the couple's after party, which is small game compared to repping your favorite team's logo during the actual wedding ceremony. That's what British Miami Dolphins fan Lee Toplander did recently, as Busted Coverage pointed out Tuesday.

Toplander's wife has fully embraced her husband's Dolphins craze. She dressed the cake topper groom with a Dolphins helmet and even bought her new husband a matching helmet to wear during the wedding.

Although his Dolphins fandom might have originated on accident, Toplander doesn't take it lightly. He once was supposed to take in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game with his dad but settled for a Dolphins game when his flight to Tampa was oversold and he was diverted to Miami.

"[I've] been each year since and with Game Pass never miss a game," Toplander said in a note posted on Twitter.

Dolphins rookies don't report for training camp until July 20, and the veterans don't follow suit until July 26. Don't tell that to Toplander -- he probably has those dates memorized if he's dedicated enough to wear the helmet at his wedding.

We wouldn't be surprised to see Toplander at the the Dolphins' facilities next month wearing the same head gear, begging for a photo with Ryan Tannehill. Or better yet, begging to squeak in a few reps alongside the veteran QB. Besides, he already has the helmet.



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