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Dads in the NFL celebrate Father's Day

  • By Around The NFL staff
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Happy Father's Day!

Dads in the NFL celebrate their special day with loved ones by posting pictures on social media.

#HappyFathersDay! 8 yrs ago I was in a mall with my firstborn daughter. As I sat on a bench, feeding her, a teenage girl walked up to us. She said, "Your a good dad, I never had one. Be true to your daughter." As she left I felt the incredible pain in her words as well as the challenge she left me with. Men: Fatherlessness is at an all time high and we as a nation are reaping the consequences. It is past time for us to step up and be who we were designed to be. Fathers , daddies, papas and dads. Sometimes it's not easy, but our kids need us more than we know. We have the power to be world changers through our offspring. Walk with them, talk with them, love them, empower them, kiss them, squeeze them, affirm them, esteem them, protect them , teach them, and simply be with them. You can do it! Now is the time.

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Happy Father's Day, dads! I'm feeling very blessed today! Have a great day!

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