Saints' Adrian Peterson wants to play until he's '37, 38'


Most 32-year-old running backs are staring down the end of their NFL road. Adrian Peterson wants to play five more years.

Given that his current quarterback, Drew Brees, is asked constantly about how long he plans to play, the question seems obvious to toss toward the aging Peterson.

During a charity softball game Wednesday benefiting Steve Gleason's foundation, Peterson saw the New Orleans Saints legend's No. 37 hanging when asked how old he could play until. All Day decided "37, 38" would be a good age to toss out.

"It's a good number," Peterson said, via the New Orleans Advocate. "Approaching 40."

Most running backs couldn't dream of playing close to 40. Peterson isn't most backs.

In his age-30 season, All Day led the NFL with 1,485 rushing yards and earned All-Pro honors. After tearing an ACL in 2011, Peterson jaunted for 2,097 yards.

When it comes to running backs, there are mortals and then there is A.P.

Peterson's age didn't stop most from questioning how much he had left in the tank when he was released by the Vikings after an injury-plagued 2016 season. The doubts about his ability to bounce back at his age fuel Peterson's fire.

"I'd be lying to you [to] say it doesn't give you a chip [on your shoulder], especially being a competitor," he said. "It's not my main focus. It's something that drives you a little bit. After 30, because it was the same back then. 'Oh, he's 30.' Then I ended up leading the league in 2015. Same thing the next year. Stuff will continue to repeat itself until I finish."

It's only tangentially noteworthy that Peterson says he wants to play another five seasons following one of the worst years of his career and a free-agent tour that left him mostly unwanted.

This is the part where we note that every time someone questions Peterson's on-the-field ability he puts up monster numbers. Scoff at his quotes at your own risk.