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Jerry Jones knows secret to captivating millennials

  • By Around The NFL staff
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might have the answer to what has confounded older generations: What captivates millennials?

And the answer, surprisingly, is not fidget spinners.

"I saw what the millennials did when Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott hit the field," Jones said in an interview with "All of a sudden, millennials by the thousands starting getting interested in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys and watching it in even a more traditional way."

Elliott and Prescott are the current second- and third-most popular selling jerseys respectively after their dynamic rookie campaigns. Jones believes that the continued success of fresh faces like the duo in Dallas are the key to a prosperous future for the league.

"It's always been about that, it's been about the excitement of the players," Jones said. "You enthuse millennials and they get excited about our game. And we should never forget that: It's about the game."

You can watch the entire interview with Jones here.


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