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Brandon Marshall takes high road in Richardson feud


When given the forum, new Giants receiver Brandon Marshall on Thursday once again decided not to fan the fire started by former Jets teammate Sheldon Richardson.

Richardson called out Marshall indirectly during a session with reporters earlier this week, essentially saying that the locker room was better without the veteran wide receiver.

"It makes no sense for me to walk into this organization and walk into this locker room and blow that up," Marshall said, via The New York Post. "I'm not a perfect guy, but I worked extremely hard to get in the position I'm in today. The first couple years of my career was rough, and a lot of it I did myself and hurt myself, and since that point, once I figured things out, I've worked extremely hard to be a better person."

He added: "This is the third or fourth time we've gone down that path.

"It was a tough year for us. ... We had high hopes coming off of that first year we were all together in 2015, and it kind of blew up in our face, so we were all disappointed."

As I've said before, Marshall is going to come away looking better simply by default. Richardson put the ball in Marshall's court and it was the easy -- and correct -- move for Marshall to be the bigger person and walk away.

However, no one knows the genesis of the Marshall-Richardson feud, which caused the pair to reportedly fight in the Jets locker room last year and snipe back and forth throughout the season. In a recent interview with Newsday, Richardson said Marshall was the locker room "poster boy," and mentioned "drama queen antics." When asked by Newsday to respond to Richardson's claims earlier this week, Marshall also took the high road as he did Thursday.

Richardson seemed upset that he was considered the "cancer" inside that locker room (his words), while Marshall was able to escape any blame. There's a good chance Richardson is completely in the right for calling out his former teammate.

Digging deeper into the fight could give Jets fans an interesting perspective on what went so wrong last year and who they should truly be pulling for. But with Marshall putting the bickering to bed for now, will we ever know?