Browns hire Ryan Grigson ... hey, wait a second


Ryan Grigson has landed on his feet in a surprising place.

The Browns announced Wednesday that Grigson, the former Colts general manager, has been hired as Cleveland's senior personnel executive. Grigson will answer to Cleveland football czar Sashi Brown.

Grigson, 45, joins the Browns following a five-year stint as GM in Indianapolis. He was fired in January and replaced by Chris Ballard.

"Ryan brings valuable experience to our personnel group," Brown said in a team release. "He was raised as a road-scout and has been evaluating talent in this league for almost 20 years. We place a premium on that experience and on his passion for football. Ryan has much to offer to any personnel department and we are pleased that he chose to join our staff."

Grigson and the Browns have ... history. In 2013, Grigson pulled the trigger on the infamous trade that sent a first-round pick to Cleveland in exchange for running back Trent Richardson. Richardson was a massive bust for the Colts and the move left a permanent yolk stain on Grigson's grill. The Browns did their part to minimize the bad PR by taking Johnny Manziel with the pick they gained.

Neither player is currently in the NFL.

It's perhaps eyebrow-raising that the Browns would now hire the man they once fleeced so publicly. This is the Browns though. They do this stuff, even when they're in the midst of one of their bi-annual cycles of optimism.

What's that, Pat McAfee?

Well that's not nice.