Tony Romo to make broadcasting debut this weekend


Ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will make his CBS broadcasting debut this weekend at the PGA Dean & Deluca Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

CBS Sports Producer Lance Barrow dropped the news nugget that Romo would spend time at the 18th hole during this weekend's coverage while speaking at a black-tie event at the country club.

"I will give you a little note," Barrow told the audience while glowing about Romo. "This weekend for the first time ever he will be in the announce booth at 18 for a few moments. And it will be the first time that he will have the CBS Sports blazer on and he will be introduced as our newest addition to CBS Sports, right here at Colonial."

Barrow then asked the crowd to keep the news under wraps.

"Please don't tweet that or any of that, it's supposed to be a surprise," he said.


A Periscope video of the event was tweeted out on the Ben Hogan Award Twitter account last night. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram first noted the video.

With the cat out of the bag, CBS can begin to hype Romo's appearance this weekend.

Barrow gushed about Romo, giving us a glimpse of what made CBS producers believe the former Cowboys quarterback could make a seamless leap from the sideline right to the No. 1 analyst chair.

"I think he is going to be great," Barrow said. "I think we have the next John Madden on our hands."

Barrow noted that even Madden didn't jump right to the No. 1 booth.

You can view the entire video here. Barrow begins discussing Romo at the 11:20 mark.