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Sean McVay was once crazy good high school option QB


Before Rams head coach Sean McVay was an NFL wunderkind, he was a deviously effective high school triple option quarterback in Georgia. has video, which shows the bantam teenager whipping around the edge and turning himself upfield. McVay's elusiveness left a lasting impact apparently, with plenty of voices in the piece lining up to call McVay everything from "vivacious" to a "stone-cold killer."

"There were much better college prospects," one longtime Atlanta-area high school reporter told the website. "But nobody had a greater impact on a high school football game than he did."

A teammate of McVay's remembered a seminal moment during a big high school game when the future NFL coach made a key play call.

"He looks everybody in the eye and he's got this, 'We're going to do this, get on my freaking back, let's go' look in his eye," the friend said. "He was just so calm. When you had him on the team, you just knew, a hundred percent, that you were going to win with this guy. Of course, him calling the play was huge. But it was his ability to make you believe. And it was all the time."

Pieces like this on McVay are interesting if only because they help place him in perspective. At 31, he managed to sneak up on the casual NFL fan even if those who knew him well were projecting him as a miniature Jon Gruden for the last two or three years.

He will have plenty of doubters, having not had the storied college football pedigree or any pro playing experience under his belt before making the move into coaching. But some of the factoids about his decision to play receiver at Miami of Ohio instead of taking a scholarship to Rice, Air Force or Navy to play quarterback start to put together some pieces of the man behind the coach.

If nothing else, it's worth checking out the story if only to see the video of McVay running around high school football fields like a young Tommie Frazier. It's hard to believe that was only four years ago (just kidding).