Final payment made to Weis; ND buyout worth nearly $19 million

Notre Dame football has finally cut itself free of one of college football's most notoriously excessive buyouts.

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A payment of more than $2 million to former coach Charlie Weis was disclosed Monday on a federal tax return, per the Indianapolis Star, ending a buyout that totaled $18,967,960 for a coach who was fired after the 2009 season.

Weis compiled a record of 35-27 in five seasons as Notre Dame's coach, and finished his final season on a four-game losing streak at 6-6. After being fired at Notre Dame, he served one season as offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, then at the University of Florida. Kansas hired him as head coach in 2012, but the Jayhawks fired him midway through his third season.

Consider it a lesson for all athletic directors that long-term contract extensions for football coaches, and the buyout clauses frequently attached to them, can often be premature.

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