2017 NFL Draft: Five draftees who landed in perfect place


We all guess about which draft picks will be successful and which won't work out. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to their talent combined with their fit, as well as their health. A lot of factors will go into determining whether or not these players work out. However, on the surface in taking a first glance at the 2017 NFL Draft, here are five players that found an ideal landing spot.


1. Myles Garrett, Browns (No. 1 overall): The Browns are desperate for a super-star talent, and that's a good way to describe Garrett. Some worry about the fit with fiery defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, but I think he'll get the best out of Garrett.

2. Mike Williams, Chargers (No. 7 overall): Philip Rivers is at his best when he's surround by big, physical receivers. Williams is the most talented big wideout Rivers has had since Vincent Jackson was around. Rivers will put up big numbers this year.

3. Jonathan Allen, Redskins (No. 17 overall): The Redskins' defensive front needed some help, and they landed a top-tier talent in Allen. He can dominate the point of attack in the run game and he offers some interior pass rush as well. Bonus: I loved the Ryan Anderson pick (Round 2) by the Redskins as well. Those two Alabama players will make an immediate impact.

4. Rasul Douglas, Eagles (No. 99 overall): Cornerback was the No. 1 need on the Eagles' offseason list. They elected to upgrade the pass rush in the first round before coming back with two cornerbacks in Rounds 2-3. While Sidney Jones' (second-round selection) injury situation might limit his on field effectiveness in Year One, Douglas should step and contribute right away.

5. Michael Roberts, Lions (No. 127 overall): I'd been hearing about the Lions' interest in a tight end for quite some time. Lions fans didn't appreciate it when I would give them a tight end in Round 1 mock drafts, but I kept hearing they really wanted one. Well, they were able to land an outstanding prospect in Roberts, and it only cost them a fourth-round pick. Now, the team and its fans can be happy.

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