Jabrill Peppers dances like nobody is watching


These are times of great hope for Browns fans.

Yeah, yeah, we've been down this road many, many, many, many, many times before in this millennia, but even the most cynical of Dawg Pound supporters must admit Thursday night felt, well, different.

The Browns cashed in on their considerable draft capital with a trio of first-round picks: defensive end Myles Garrett (No. 1), safety Jabrill Peppers (No. 25) and tight end David Njoku (No. 29). You know you've had a productive night when you make three first-round selections and still manage to pull the trigger on a trade that scores you yet another first-rounder (in 2018).

Sashi Fever, baby! Catch it!

Speaking of Peppers, I have no idea where the Browns plan to play him, but the guy seems fun.

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You have to be an individual of exceeding confidence -- or Ryan Pace-level fake drunk -- to break into a joyous solo dance like this. I think this is good dancing. Others may disagree and call it bad dancing. That's fine.

But he's a) keeping the beat and b) doing it in a cocksure manner, and in the end that's all that really matters, you know? I hope others eventually joined him on the dance floor. Otherwise that'd be a really weird party.