Bears GM Ryan Pace might want to lay low for a bit


Let's talk about Bears fans.

They're going through some stuff right now. Their general manager, Ryan Pace, just made an audacious Costner-style draft-day trade that will either return the city of Chicago to NFL relevance or sink the franchise into a nearly unfathomable abyss.

If you were following along on Twitter or got a look at the Bears' "draft party" on NFL Network last night, you know fans are leaning toward the latter scenario as the most plausible end game here.

Yes, there appears to gale-force levels of pessimism whipping through the Windy City right now ...

That is a significant amount of alleged alcohol consumption! Anyway, hopefully it works out for young Mitch Trubisky and -- hey -- has anyone checked in on Mike Glennon lately? It seems like just yesterday (it was 13 days ago) that Glennon was Chicago's unquestioned QB1 throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Sure, he was booed mightily by fans, but these were fun, more innocent times -- in theory.