Trope Alert! Aaron Rodgers cuts out golf, feels great


Sound the Trope Alert.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not like most professional athletes -- I mean, the man once slaughtered all competition in Jeopardy! for crying out loud -- but he is a sports human and is thus susceptible to spouting obligatory cliches during voluntary spring football practices.

Football may be Aaron Rodgers' main sport, but he's no stranger to golf. Take a look at the best shots from his time on the course.

Rodgers, in fact, has now trotted out the same trope in back-to-back years. Last June, Rodgers told reporters that a more scientific approach to diet had allowed him to lower his body fat percentage and enter camp in the best shape of his life. On Tuesday, Rodgers showed up to Packers workouts explaining how still more discipline -- this year cutting back on one of his favorite pastimes -- had yielded more positive results.

"I feel great," Rodgers said Tuesday, according to "I put a lot of work in this offseason. As much as I love golf, it's kind of taken a backseat to my workouts, and I'm light as I've been I think ever coming back at this time of the year. Being under 220 was kind of a goal for me. I hit that goal to start, and now it's continuing to build my body. But I feel really good. My knees feel great. My arm feels really good."

"It's fun to be 33 and feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in starting an offseason program."

For those scoring at home, Aaron Rodgers invokes article eight of The Ten Trope Commandments. And just a head's up: We are one prominent quarterback saying he's sacrificed golf away from breaking this out into its own trope. A big storyline to keep an eye on.


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