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Jared Cook wants to buy No. 89 off Amari Cooper


Could there be a new No. 89 in Oakland?

New Raiders tight end Jared Cook, who has worn No. 89 each year since his rookie season in 2009, doesn't sound like a player unprepared to purchase his digits off Oakland's former first-round pick.

"I don't know," Cook said, via The Mercury News. "Me and (Cooper) are going to have to have a little conversation to see if I can get it off of him. Might have to bribe him a little bit, throw him like five bucks or something. We'll see if I can get it off his back."

Cook knows well that this will cost him much more than $5 and it's unlikely to happen, though one has to admire the 29-year-old tight end's bravado. After a miracle catch in Green Bay's playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys, Cook reportedly misjudged his market and priced himself out of Green Bay before taking visits to Minnesota and Seattle. Now, we're talking about him swiping a jersey from the team's budding star franchise receiver.

It's important to take these tidbits with a sense of humor, which I think Cook is. It's difficult for a franchise to sign off on a number change for someone so popular like Cooper, especially when so many young fans have already purchased the silver and black No. 89.

Of course, in this business you never know. A Cook/Derek Carr love fest has underscored the days following his signings. Should he exceed expectations, fans might be willing to just hand it over.

"We sat in on a meeting and watched some film together today," Cook said Thursday. "Love the kid, man. He's cool. He's a real down to earth guy.

"(I'm) just another weapon for Derek to use, man. To be able to stretch the field, get down to the secondary at a fast pace, create separations off different routes ... it gives him a different elements to put the ball in different places and keep the chains moving."