NFL social media accounts are all about Valentine's Day


It is Valentine's Day. Hopefully you have a date tonight. If not, don't worry about it. You just saved between $75 and $300. A bit of a lonely evening, sure, but you've made a sound financial investment in yourself!

This holiday falls during a quiet time on the NFL calendar, which makes its charms catnip for the social media operators of team accounts across the league. Basically, V-Day is a huge platform for these Twitter handles to prove their dominance over one another. This is about victory, not love. The game within the game within the game.

With that said, here's a collection of today's Valentine's Day tweets. I hope your team didn't embarrass you. And apologies to you footballheads out there who can't imagine why this would be a post on We'll get back to the relative merits and inherent limitations of the prevent defense in the modern game just after the break. Back in two and two.


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