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Brandon Marshall 'sick' of all the Bill Belichick talk


After two seasons in New York and four games against the New England Patriots, Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has come to a conclusion about Super Bowl-bound coach Bill Belichick: He's not the only good coach in the building.

Speaking on Tuesday night's edition of Inside The NFL on Showtime, Marshall said defensive coordinator Matt Patricia deserves more credit.

"I'm so sick and tired of everyone talking about Coach Belichick. Yes, he is great," Marshall said, via WEEI. "The reason why I'm so sick and tired of everyone talking about Coach Belichick is because they think he does everything and he's the only one in the building that's working. They have a defensive coordinator by the name of Matt Patricia in New England, who's awesome. He has the best third-down defense, and it's not because of statistics. It's because of the creativity."

Marshall is right about one thing: Patricia is brilliant and has taken the Patriots to another level defensively. However, it was from Belichick that Patricia learned the inner workings of this flexible, shape-shifting defense. It was also Belichick who discovered and plucked the former Rensselaer Polytechnic offensive lineman from graduate assistant obscurity in upstate New York to work in New England.

Belichick is great because his talents are evident when it comes to X's and O's but also at the CEO level. His ability to find and maintain coaching personnel is second to none. Patricia and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are both comfortable and appreciated enough that they continue to remain in Foxborough despite some intriguing options elsewhere. Both have interviewed for a handful of head coaching gigs elsewhere.

There are times in the NFL world that Belichick's aura gets in the way of a sound football observation. He is not infallible and he does, at times, get credit for things that were sheer luck or not his doing at all. This just might not be one of those times.