Jerry Jones on Tony Romo's fate: 'No decision made'


Get ready for an offseason stuffed with intrigue around the fate of Tony Romo.

Will the Cowboys trade him? Keep him? Clone the veteran quarterback for future use?

"I don't have to get into that at all and I'm not," team owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. "As a matter of fact, there are several cards to be played. Don't think for one minute if you see something written or something said about what and where Romo is going to be relative to our team that there's any credibility to it."

Said Jones: "There's only one that can make that decision and there's been no decision made."

Still a believer in Romo's on-field prowess, Jones went on to say: "I really believe that Tony Romo will play in a Super Bowl."

"Now tie that one on and consider the consequences for us," Jones said. "But I believe that he is -- I know that if he's healthy enough, standing, he'll be in a Super Bowl. I strongly believe that."

But will that come with the Cowboys?

"Well, I don't know where to go from there because I haven't gone there completely from my perspective and my decision," Jones said. "Certainly I feel very strongly. What you saw that veteran quarterback do in (Green Bay's Aaron) Rodgers out there, Romo is capable of doing. Those are his kinds of plays. So we've got a lot to think about here. But that's in the future."

All of this comes one day after head coach Jason Garrett refused to provide an answer when asked if rookie Dak Prescott would definitively ride into next season as the team's starting quarterback.

"Don't want to get into those discussions," Garrett said, choosing instead to gush over how both quarterbacks handled the situation this season.

Jones can't be expected to reveal his offseason plans -- or hopes -- but NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport made it clear on Monday that Romo will be available in a trade, saying that moving the quarterback looms as the team's "number one priority this offseason."

"We know he's not going to be on the Cowboys in 2017," Rapoport told NFL Network. "They're going to try to trade him, no surprise there."

Where he'll wind up is anyone's guess, but let's make one thing clear: Despite not starting a football game all season, Romo will dominate headlines over the next two months -- like it or not.