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Myles Garrett prefers not to play in cold-weather city in NFL


Myles Garrett, of course, has no say in which club drafts him and therefore no say in what kind of weather he'll eventually play in as a pro.

But that doesn't mean Texas A&M's star defensive end, a native of Texas, doesn't have a preference.

"Doesn't matter (who drafts me) ... but I'd like not to go anywhere cold," Garrett said Tuesday, per The Houston Chronicle. "Whoever picks me up, I'm going to try and play my best for, to be the best player on the field at any given time. It doesn't matter who picks me up, I'm going to try and be a franchise player for them."

Garrett, a junior, has yet to announce whether he will apply for early eligibility to enter the 2017 NFL Draft. Underclassmen have until a Jan. 16 deadline to do so.

As of this week, the Cleveland Browns, who certainly play their share of home games in chilly temps, have the inside track on the No. 1 pick of the draft. The San Francisco 49ers currently hold the No. 2 pick, though there is still a chance that the 49ers could pick first. Given that Garrett's draft intentions aren't yet official and the NFL draft order isn't yet set, it's premature to suggest that Garrett might end up needing a heavy winter coat next year. However, the Browns reportedly have an "astronomical grade" on the Aggies pass rusher. He's been compared to former Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles star Jevon Kearse.

Garrett (6-foot-5, 270 pounds) recorded 8.5 sacks this season despite a midseason ankle injury, suffered against Arkansas on Sept. 24, that hampered him for the remainder of the year. He recorded 11.5 and 12.5 sacks, respectively, in his freshman and sophomore seasons.

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