Martellus Bennett on why players wear less in cold


What is the Arctic Front?

If you answered a punishingly awful Gerard Butler action vehicle, you would be wrong ... though I checked his IMDB to make sure. An arctic front is a weather pattern that will plunge much of the U.S. into a deep freeze this weekend.

The Patriots practiced in 20-degree weather on Thursday, and are expected to play in similar conditions for their road game against the Broncos on Sunday afternoon. Despite this, expect to see plenty of players from both sides playing in short sleeves. Weird, right?

Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett offered an explanation why many players choose to brave the elements.

"Same reason women wear less on Halloween," Bennett said, according to "It's sexier. It's cold during Halloween, too, but there's a bunch of sexy cops out there."

It's good to have Marty Bennett around.