Jackrabbit Jenkins wants his nickname to go global


There's an old Seinfeld episode somewhere near the end of the series' run where George attempts to give himself a cool nickname at the office. The gambit failed miserably, as most Costanza endeavors usually did.

I'm sure Janoris Jenkins is a huge Seinfeld-head, and as such, is aware of the dangers of this particular activity. The Giants cornerback is throwing caution to the wind, however, telling everyone who will listen to refer to him exclusively as Jackrabbit.

Jenkins corrected NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya -- twice -- after New York's win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

"That is my name," said Jenkins, according to ESPN.com. "I wouldn't feel right to not let my teammates call me Janoris, and she called me Janoris. So I just take Jackrabbit as my name."

Jackrabbit Jenkins does have a nice ring to it. Anyway, Jenkins got the nickname in college and everyone on the Giants refers to him as such. In fact, the only person in Jenkins' life who refers to him by his birth name is his mother.

"She's special so I can't blame her for that," he said. "I don't hold no grudges against her. She can call me Janoris. She's the only one."

Classic Jackrabbit.