Browns have gone one year without a victory


The Browns have gone exactly one year without a victory. One. Year.

On Dec. 13, 2015, Isaiah Crowell ran for 145 yards and two scores and the Browns defense piled up nine sacks in a 24-10 win over the 49ers. The starting quarterback on that day for Cleveland: Johnny Manziel.

The societal archive (Twitter) offers confirmation a Browns win is a thing that happened in the distant, but not too distant, past.

"This is the greatest feeling," coach Mike Pettine told players in the postgame locker room. "Enjoy it. Savor it. Lock it away. That's what this business is all about."

The Browns of today are barely recognizable to last December's outfit. Pettine is ancient history. Manziel is in parts unknown. Several of the core players of that team were sent packing after the year. Not poor Joe Thomas, of course, who we worry could be a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

The Browns have lost 16 straight, are 1-23 in their past 24 games and 3-31 since Brian Hoyer led Cleveland to a 7-4 start in 2014. This is a franchise living in a nightmare they can't wake up from.