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Josh Norman compares season to being on Noah's Ark


Redskins cornerback Josh Norman has a unique take on his roller coaster 2016.

"It's the wildest thing," Norman told NFL Network's Mike Garafolo this weekend ahead of the team's game against Philadelphia. "It's like being on Noah's Ark. Every animal there is on Earth, and two by two they come. Either they like me or they don't. And I've encountered them all."

Norman's season, from his ouster in Carolina to his high-profile battles with Dez Bryant, has been uniquely Norman. The boisterous cornerback is a ball of energy and does not seem to get tired of his time in the limelight. However, he does plan to disappear for a while this offseason, telling Garafolo that he'll "really fall off the face of the Earth. You have no idea. For a month."

With a smile on his face clearly revealing the answer, Norman questioned whether the five-year $75 million deal he signed this offseason was worth all the ridicule.

"I have hope, desire, I have the fire that ignites inside of me that nobody can shut off," he said. "My fire inside burns wilder than the one you see outside and you better believe that. That's the thing that's kept me going. Just God, family and football. That's what it always has been. Anything else outside of that is white noise. (Shoot), if I would've thought $75 million would have that many problems with it ... I would've thought about it but I still would've taken it. Somebody has to take the challenge."

It's hard not to think that Norman's defensive play has helped the Redskins (6-5-1) stay in the playoff race. Currently a half-game out of the sixth spot, they have a winnable game against the receiver-needy Eagles this Sunday in Philadelphia. Norman has an interception and 12 passes defensed on his record. Pro Football Focus views him as their 20th best cornerback of the season to this point.

The money was certainly worth it for the Redskins, who still have games against Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckham left this season. They'll need to be close to perfect if Norman wants a trip back to the playoffs.