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Wilkerson: Tighter coverage could lead to more sacks


The Jets (3-9) will be lucky to get out of this season without any permanent scars.

Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson was asked about the team's lack of sacks heading into Sunday's game against the 49ers (1-11) and, even though he insisted it was not a burn at his teammates, seemed to shovel some of the blame on the beleaguered secondary.

"Maybe a little tighter coverage and we get those sacks," he said, via

He added: "It works hand-in-hand. We can get to the quarterback, but like I said, if (the secondary) isn't holding them for that one second, the ball's out."

While sacks are not the perfect indication of QB pressure, the Jets have just 20 on the season, which is tied for second-worst alongside the San Francisco 49ers. Only the Cleveland Browns have fewer.

Wilkerson is correct that dominant coverage usually produces more sacks. The rapid decline of Darrelle Revis has produced some grim moments in the secondary this year, no worse than last week's 41-10 blowout at the hands of the Colts on Monday Night Football. Andrew Luck threw for 278 yards and four touchdowns, with nearly as many scores as incompletions (six total).

The loss prompted a somber Jets head coach Todd Bowles to say the team got its butt kicked multiple times. He called the gaffes in the secondary busted coverages and not a lack of effort. The defensive line was able to generate some pressure, with Leonard Williams and Deon Simon getting in the backfield but it was no use. That game was over in less than 15 minutes.

The problem is that the secondary knows this already. They are well aware of their place in this season and are probably sick and tired of hearing about it. Even if Wilkerson is just being honest, it may not be taken that way at the end of a long season.


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