Colts are the definition of average entering Week 14


Here's a pretty average factoid I just came across: The Indianapolis Colts are the NFL's most average team.

The numbers back it up: The Colts have won six games and lost six games. They are 3-3 at home and 3-3 on the road. They have scored 311 points and allowed 311 points.

The Colts are not great or terrible, nor are they good or bad. They are average.

With the help of the NFL Media newsroom, I have compiled a list of some other average things that the Colts can perhaps connect on a perfectly average wavelength.

» The Toyota Camry
» Wednesday afternoon
» Toasted wheat bread
» Law and Order: SVU
» The Black Keys
» White rice
» A potato
» Actor John Lithgow
» The sitcom Third Rock From The Sun
» Domestic light beer
» College
» Jim Caldwell
» A glass of room-temperature water
» Lettuce
» The sixth Rocky movie
» Free agent catcher Matt Wieters
» The Olympic Games
» Turkey
» President's Day

Feel free to add more average things in the comment section.

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