Let's have a moment of silence for Mariota's mustache


Bad news, lovers of lip rugs, the world over: Marcus Mariota is now a clean-shaven man.

I had put this off for years, but I finally went ahead and found out what Movember means. It's actually a really good cause that promotes men's mental and physical health, so yeah, bad job by me. Of course, most bros who grow mustaches in November do it less in the spirit of charity and more because all men secretly believe they look really good with a 'stache.

This opinion is rarely corroborated by the people who love them.

Mariota played the best football of his career last month, so let's hope shaving the 'stache doesn't rob the young passer of his powers. Did we learn nothing from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?

Let's remember Marcus as he was with this collection of his best mustache photos. Until next year ...