Andy Reid gets gutsy with pivotal fake punt vs. Falcons


Eric Berry wore the hero cape in Sunday's victory over the Atlanta Falcons, but his epic two-point interception for the win doesn't take place without some intestinal fortitude from his head coach.

The Chiefs held a 20-16 lead on the first possession of the second half. With a fourth-and-1 from their own 45-yard-line, the normally ultra-conservative Andy Reid usually punts. After coaxing an Atlanta timeout by leaving the offense on the field, Reid sent his punting team on the field. Surely, everyone in the stadium -- nay, America -- expected Reid to kick the ball away.

Instead, the jolly ol' ball coach called a fake punt.

Albert Wilson took the short snap. He didn't just get the first down but scampered 55 yards for the touchdown.

"It's something we had just put in," Wilson said, via the Kansas City Star. "We had it up all week. My guys did a great job like they've been doing all week in practice."

Reid deserves credit for correctly reading the situation: The Chiefs needed to score points versus the No. 1 scoring offense in the NFL. He knew his defense could only hold Matt Ryan and Co. at bay for so long.

The 27-16 lead put the Chiefs in position for Berry's heroics and set up Thursday's matchup with the Oakland Raiders for the division lead. 

Lady Luck is a fickle paramour. Winners make their own luck.