Odell Beckham rants about refs after Giants' loss


Odell Beckham Jr. ranted about Sunday's officiating crew following the New York Giants' loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The receiver was visibly frustrated at several points during the contest for not getting calls. After the game, OBJ noted that referee Terry McAulay's crew was mostly the same group that officiated the Giants melee with the Carolina Panthers last season, in which Beckham blew up on Josh Norman.

"I don't know. I don't really think we should have this crew anymore when the Giants are playing, with the past history and everything that has gone on," Beckham said, via ESPN.com. "We came into Pittsburgh playing a great team, a playoff team each and every year; we were going to have to come out and give our best, and they got the better of us today. That is the bottom line. Just keep it moving."

Beckham took particular offense with an offensive pass interference call at the end of a first quarter, which he expected to go the other way.

"I don't pay attention to nonsense. It was a horrible call in my opinion," Beckham said. "I don't understand how I'm running down the field on a go route and somebody tries to stop my progress, but I can't put my hands on them. But like I said, you can't rely on anybody. You got to go out and get it. Just try to stay composed. It's hard to stay composed when you know there is a lot of nonsense going on. But it is what it is, man."

Beckham claimed the field judge dismissed him when he tried to get an explanation.

"I went up to ask him what was going on, what was the flag, and he said, 'Get out my face,'" Beckham said. "Like I said, you just have to keep it moving."

The Giants' receiver reiterated several times that the loss wasn't due to the refs, but was clearly frustrated after Big Blue's six-game win streak was snapped.

"It's us against the world, in a sense," Beckham said. "You can't sit there and rely on refs, obviously. Obviously, that is not the case; you can't sit there and rely on them, if anybody watched the game [on Sunday]. It's not that I'm sitting here saying the refs are the reason we lost the game, but there is plenty of calls in the game and anybody can go watch the film. Anybody. Anybody can see exactly what is going on."

The Giants were penalized four times for 24 yards in the game. The Steelers earned 12 flags for 115 yards.