Bill Belichick love for Rams punter knows no bounds


The Rams have a difficult challenge ahead of them on Week 13 against the Patriots. On Wednesday, Bill Belichick showered praise on a Rams player we could see a lot of at Gillette Stadium.

"I mean [Johnny] Hekker is a tremendous weapon," Belichick said in his opening remarks to reporters on Patriot Way. "This guy looks like as good a player as I've ever seen at that position."

Whoa. On a team with Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Todd Gurley and No. 1 pick Jared Goff, Bill led with the punter. That is so Belichick.

If you're thinking this is a troll job, think again. Belichick regularly praises players from the opposing team in the walk-up to a game -- and it's not always a household name. Last week, The Hooded One had very nice things to say about Jets special teamer Josh Martin. (I checked, he's a real person.)

Belichick went on to compliment Hekker's athleticism and ability to thrive in all phases as a punter. This was press conference that turned into a love letter. If Eminem ever gets inspired to record a "Stan" sequel, we might have a hook.

"This guy is a weapon. I mean, he's not a good player -- he's a weapon."

If I'm Patriots punter Ryan Allen, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable right now. This should ease his mind: Hekker signed a six-year, $18 million extension in 2014.