Eagles scoreboard guy drops 4th-and-26 heat on Pack


We don't see enough scoreboard trolling at NFL stadiums. The Eagles took an important step to address this on Monday evening.

With kickoff between the Eagles and Packers a few hours away, the scoreboard operator at Lincoln Financial Field opted to flash up the most famous down-and-distance in Philly sports history.

For you kids out there, the Eagles faced fourth-and-26 in the waning minutes of a divisional playoff game against the Packers in January 2004. Donovan McNabb miraculously completed a 28-yard pass to Freddie Mitchell (Fred-Ex mention in 2016!) and the Eagles went on to win in overtime.

Below you'll find a nice look back at that wild game (the whole game can be found here) --  the memory of which doesn't eat away at Packers fans in the least. Is my sarcasm coming through in type? What I'm really trying to say is that Packers fans effing hate this game.

UPDATE: Today is Freddie Mitchell's 37th birthday. Consider this a perfectly timed tribute to one of the most ridiculous players of the '00s. Hopefully Fred has access hours to a computer.