Joe Flacco on Cowboys: 'We should beat this team'


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was not blown away by the Cowboys' mystique.

After a 27-17 loss to Dallas on Sunday -- one in which the Ravens led for a quarter -- Flacco came away with a feeling of regret. He felt the Ravens were good enough to topple the so-called best team in the NFL.

"We should beat this team," Flacco told reporters. "I'm not kidding."

He added: "I felt like we should've scored a lot more points than we did today. There are a lot of reasons for it. But I feel we could've scored more."

Baltimore has already canned their offensive coordinator, so it's unlikely he was referring to the play selection against the Cowboys. The frustration, though, is understandable. The Ravens lost the chance to stay a step ahead of the Steelers (also 5-5) on Sunday. Heading into the stretch run, the North is wide open with no closer emerging from the logjam.

Flacco's words probably ring true across many NFL locker rooms this year. While the Cowboys (9-1) have the best record in the NFL, nearly half of their wins have been by a touchdown or less. Their rookie quarterback is fantastic but not infallible. Ezekiel Elliott can be slowed down even if no one has accomplished that yet. The team seems to be a mystery for opponents this season -- until after they get the film.

The Ravens used to be the type of veteran-laden team that could surprise an upstart like Dallas. Maybe that is the most frustrating part for Flacco.