Dolphins owner: Adam Gase changing the team culture


First-year Dolphins coach Adam Gase has already gifted his owner with the first four-game winning streak he's ever seen while in charge of the team.

But in an interview with the Miami Herald recently, Stephen Ross is crediting the 38-year-old coach with so much more.

"The organization is working well together now," he said. "That's the first time that's happened.

"I'm saying the football side is working together. Everybody's on the same page for the first time. Nobody is mad at anybody else and letting the entire world know about it through (Herald reporter Armando Salguero). Nobody's calling you or texting you to complain."

He added: "Adam has already changed the culture of the Miami Dolphins."

While these are precisely the kinds of comments that will make a business-first coach like Gase immensely uncomfortable and create tremendous pressure for next season, it is telling that Ross is so smitten with his new CEO.

Gase was clearly the gold standard in this year's coaching carousel. With a laundry list of excellent apprenticeships under his belt, there were teams going after the former Broncos and Bears offensive coordinator, and then there were teams angling for their second or third favorite candidate.

During the offseason, a few knowledgeable people around the league told us that Gase's presence alone would be worth two or three more wins in Miami this year. Just one slot removed from the playoffs, he might be trying to double that mark and truly earn Ross' praise.