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Von Miller won't lobby for more holding calls


When you think of the best pass rushers in the NFL, you also think of true technicians who know how to draw holding calls.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller doesn't consider himself a lobbying expert, though. By an unofficial count, the Broncos have drawn just 11 offensive holding calls from opposing linemen this season.

"I'm not going to be the one lobbying for them anyway," Miller said, via "I'm always on the next play, I feel like if I get my rush the way I'm supposed to, if I rush how I'm supposed to rush, if they hold me, I'm still going to be able to get there. ... If I get into this game with refs 'oh they're holding me on this play, holding on that play,' it's going to take me away from helping my teammates improve and all the other stuff I have to do in a game."

Sunday's game (1 p.m., CBS) against the Saints (4-4) will be an interesting convergence of events on that topic. Drew Brees has only been sacked 12 times -- for reference, that is 10 fewer times than Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and 21 fewer times than the NFL's most-sacked quarterback Andrew Luck.

Furthermore, the Saints are one of the NFL's least likely teams to be penalized for holding. The Saints are second to last in the NFL with just six called offensive holding penalties for a 55 yards. The league average is roughly 13 and the Raiders lead the league with 25.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll recently brought up the discrepancy in penalties called against the Saints and other teams, though holding specifically is likely just an indication of how quickly Brees throws the football.

We'll see if Miller can do any better to up New Orleans' average.


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