Colts only win at Lambeau when animal gets loose


Well, this is strange.

On Sunday, the Colts might have saved their season with a big road win over the Packers -- the team's first win at Lambeau Field in almost three decades. That's not the strange part. What's weird is the thread that ties the conquests together.

Both featured wild animals running onto the damn field of play.

The first incident occurred during a Nov. 13, 1988 game in which, as explained by a fresh-faced Bob Costas, a disgruntled fan brought a turkey to the stadium to express his displeasure with an especially crappy pre-Favre Green Bay team. The obvious question: How does one smuggle a full-grown turkey past security?

(Oh right, the '80s now exist as an alternate reality untethered to modern society.)

And here's Sunday's animal incident:

One can only assume this was the protest work of a fan upset with the squirrely nature of the Packers' offense this season. I'll see myself out.