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Jerry: Romo has 'no issue' doing what's best for team


As we breathlessly await the healing of an oft-injured 36-year-old back, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is making the only decision that carries a lick of sense.

Rookie Dak Prescott, who has already thrown for almost 2,000 yards, nine touchdowns and just two interceptions while leading the Cowboys to a 6-1 record, will remain the quarterback until it doesn't make sense anymore.

"You want to be very mindful of what you got going, which right now we got a lot of chemistry going," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday, as transcribed by the Dallas Morning News. "That has got to be really recognized if you're making a decision."

Jones added of Tony Romo: "He's a veteran. He wants this team to have all the success it possibly can have. Dak feels the same way. Coaching staff, they don't need to know. We'll just play it out. Tony has no issue with doing what's best for the team. Absolutely no issue with doing what's best for the team."

Pinning Jones down on a hard answer is simply a media exercise at this point. Coaching is about the blend of analytics, common sense and gut feel. The team will not know what the right decision is until they see Romo slinging a football at full speed alongside Prescott at practice. They will not know if they should go to Romo until Prescott is buried in a defense that he's never seen at the NFL level before.

In the meantime, Jones' enjoy the ride approach has been the right one.

On Sunday, Jones already said that Romo was not healthy enough to play against the Browns this weekend, which means at the earliest, we could reach a decision point on Nov. 11. And if the Cowboys come into that game against the Steelers at 7-1 after beating the Browns, how much sense does it make to switch quarterbacks then?

There were certainly some troubling moments for Prescott against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. It's safe to say that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was able to put some of Prescott's weaknesses on tape for the first time this season and that other coordinators will try and follow suit in the coming weeks. But until one of those coordinators succeed and the Cowboys begin to lose their convincing lead in the NFC East, what's the rush on making a call at quarterback?


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