President Obama picks Pats over 'Hawks in Super Bowl

  • By Jeremy Bergman
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By the time the Super Bowl LI champion visits the White House, they'll be greeted with a new face for the first time in eight years.

President Barack Obama is playing out the final months of his presidency on the campaign trail, where he's giving speeches, making appearances and apparently offering safe Super Bowl predictions. 

The President called in to Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM Radio on Friday to make a less-than-bold prognostication about Super Bowl LI.

"Super Bowl is tougher (to pick). But I got to say at this point, you'd have to put your money on Brady again," Obama said. "I don't see any real strong teams. Seattle and (the) Patriots have a rematch, that's my call."

Sure, it's a low-risk wager that the Patriots are the team to come out of the AFC and Seattle outlasts could-be NFC pretenders in Minnesota and Dallas. But the President's analysis that there are no "real strong teams" is astute; the competitive balance within the league is as strong as ever. (Thanks, Obama.)

For all their success, the Patriots have visited the White House just once during Obama's presidency, following their victory over Seattle in 2015. In fact, Obama has been visited by eight different teams during his stay in D.C. -- Steelers, Saints, Packers, Giants, Ravens, Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos -- a stretch of nonconsecutive champions unprecedented in NFL history.