Matthews: Wentz-Dak could be new Manning-Brady


Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott lead their teams onto the same field for the first time Sunday night in what many hope is the start of a long, robust rivalry.

When prompted by a reporter comparing the two rookie quarterbacks to the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning battles, Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews agreed there is potential for Wentz-Prescott to take the baton as the next great QB duel.

"Peyton and Brady that's an extremely high honor to be mentioned with those guys," said Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews, per NFL Network's James Palmer. "But obviously I've spoken highly of Carson, I think he can be named with those guys with just more years of playing and I also have a high respect for Dak, too"

Matthews added: "You're talking about a guy who is a poised quarterback, he knows what it means to be a leader, he knows what it means to be game-planned for. And I feel like Carson is the same way. The thing I love about Carson is he has that same ability but he also has a chip on his shoulder.

"So you're talking about two guys that could potentially be like a Brady and Peyton rivalry," Matthews said. "The only difference is, you're going to get this two times a year and possibly playoffs. I like to say it's a fun thing to be a part of and I'm glad we got (Wentz)."

Here is where I'll again note that a reporter brought up the Manning-Brady comparison. Matthews didn't conjure it on his own.

Comparing two rookies, albeit fantastic ones, with the greatest quarterback rivalry of this millennium is getting a little ahead of ourselves. In a sport where a devastating injury is a constant concern and regression in performance can clip the heels of success, let's let the two play a few matchups before diving headlong into the Brady-Manning comparisons.

Instead, let's marvel at how consistently spectacular Prescott and Wentz have been to start their careers.

Combined the duo has a record of 9-3, 15 touchdowns, four interceptions and a 98.2 passer rating. Prescott and Wentz are two of seven rookie quarterbacks to win at least four of their first six starts since 2000 (6-0: Ben Roethlisberger; 5-1: Prescott, Trent Edwards; 4-2: Wentz, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton).

Wentz needs one passing TD to leap Donovan McNabb for the Eagles' rookie record for most touchdown passes. Prescott needs just three passing TDs to move ahead Troy Aikman for the Dallas rookie record.

Prescott's 103.9 passer rating is currently the highest by any rookie with at least six starts. Wentz's 92.7 rating sits sixth, just behind Dan Marino.

If the rookies continue on their pace, there will be plenty of platitudes to give along the way, and we'll gladly take two games a year of intense QB drama. For now, let's keep the Brady-Manning comparisons in the back pocket.