Chuck Pagano is encouraged despite Colts' poor start


The Indianapolis Colts blew a 14-point lead to fall into the cellar of the AFC South. Those facts won't get coach Chuck Pagano to skew negative.

"I'm encouraged," Pagano said Monday, via the Indianapolis Star. "You guys probably think I'm crazy, but I'm encouraged."

Somewhere there is a Colts fan with her/his jaw gaped, blinking in wondrous awe, trying to understand from where Pagano's overflowing fountain of optimism percolates.

"I think we're a three-quarter team," Pagano said. "We gotta figure out a way to become a four-quarter team.

"We got a group of guys and coaches who care. They'll fight. There's no pity parties in this building. There's no pity parties in football."

Pagano's perpetual positivity shouldn't be a surprise when we consider overcoming leukemia is a bigger battle than reversing a 2-4 start in a weak division.

Still, it's tough for a fan base to listen to a coach spin the same yarn week after week as losses mount and the performance of his players doesn't improve.