Gary Kubiak returns to Broncos feeling 'really good'


Gary Kubiak is back.

The Denver Broncos coach met with reporters on Monday after missing a week of practices and Thursday night's loss to the Chargers in order to recover from a complex migraine condition.

"Had too much rest, unfortunately," Kubiak said, per the team's official website. "I didn't want it, but I got it. I feel very good."

During his respite, Kubiak spoke with doctors both in Denver and Houston and emphasized that he was "very encouraged" by a batch of medical tests that came back "great."

"I feel very comfortable with where I'm headed and how I'm feeling," said Kubiak, who also suffered a mini-stroke during a game in 2013 while serving as coach of the Texans.

"It was different for me," Kubiak said of the more recent incident. "They’ve obviously had some conversations trying to discuss what happened both times. But to me they were different. Like I said, I feel very good."

Said Kubiak: "It just makes you really appreciate what you're doing. We're in a business where you go, go and go. You've got 16 weeks to be as good as you can be -- and all of a sudden taking two days away from here? When you're a football coach, taking two days away from what you do is like, 'What the hell is going on here?' It's like having a summer off or something.

"It just makes you appreciate the players, makes you appreciate being around the coaches, the players, even (the media)."

Welcome back, coach.