'To tha choppah!' Forte does a mean Schwarzenegger


In the competition of celebrity impressions that are the most fun to do, Arnold remains king.

Look at it from this perspective: Everybody does an Arnold. Some better than others, but we've all punched the clock at some point. It helps that Schwarzenegger -- that's the Arnold I refer to, obviously -- was once the Biggest Movie Star On The Planet, anchoring a litany of films that weren't always good -- I'm looking at you Batman & Robin -- but were always memorable. Except Eraser. Nobody remembers Eraser.

Anyway, here's Jets running back Matt Forte going through many of Arnold's greatest lines. Forte's best work doesn't even come from a line, rather it's the "Eagaaagggghhh" Schwarzenegger sometimes uses to punctuate and exclamation. Enjoy ...

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And now, just to kill 10 more minutes before Thursday Night Football, here are Arnold's greatest hits. Reminder: This guy was also a two-term governor of California. Excuse me, Cal-ee--fawn-ya.