Todd Bowles: We had a pure fast-food diet in the '80s


The professional athlete of today treats his body like a machine. And for that machine to run properly, the dedicated modern athlete will only put the highest-octane fuel into his system.

Improved diet, fitness and the full-on embrace of sports science has extended the shelf life of players across the spectrum. We can have our fun with Tom Brady, but he's not a superstar quarterback at age 39 because of genes and luck alone. The man shuns your strawberry so that he may continue to shred your defense.

Every game, all season

It wasn't always this way. Jets coach Todd Bowles, who played safety in the NFL from 1986-93, explained on Monday that he would eat McDonald's four times a week during his playing days.

"Quarter-pounder with cheese, apple pie and French fries," Bowles said with a chuckle, according to the New York Daily News.

When a reporter hit Bowles with a, "You serious, Clark?", Bowles made it clear he was neither joking or exaggerating.

"Yes we did. Every single day," Bowles said. "Friday was Italian day and we had pizza and Italian food. Monday through Thursday we had McDonald's."

Tom Brady would break out in hives just reading this. Somebody warn him.